Thursday, 20 November 2008

Give My Head Peace

OK OK, I know the blog hasn't been updated in a couple of weeks but there is a good valid reason.. "I couldn't be arsed" (Nah, only joking) The truth is I've been somewhat busy on the home front. Have been entertaining here and there and just had to prioritise my time. Been also getting ready for my up and coming holiday to Florida.
Looking forward to speaking to the locals and finding out their reaction to latest election result and what they think of the new President Elect.
I would usually stay clear of FRP (Football, Religion, Politics) but think it will be interesting to hear what some of the locals have to say.

I could have blogged about loads of stuff, from family visits, Children In Need, The Christmas Market, being discriminated against by a local establishment because of my tattoos (Will blog later about that one when I've finished speaking to the equality commission) just to name a few. OH yes! and my good old slimming class (Yes I'm still there weighing in at)
7 Stone 2 and a half lb off)
I'm going to blog when on holidays.... I know some will say how sad, taking timeout to blog! Listen I just want to tell all about the fantastic time I'll be having (So you can be jealous) I may even include some video so you can see where we have been.
Loads and loads to still do.... Christmas cards written, one Christmas tree up and two to go, they will go up this weekend so the house is in the festive mood for our return.
Speaking of Christmas, Belfast City Council have done a great job this year with the Citys Christmas decorations......

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