Friday, 28 November 2008

Up Up And Away

Never thought I’ve ever see the day I’d say it was great to be delayed. We boarded the Virgin Atlantic 747-400, flight VS 15 three hours later than scheduled. As Virgin has a name for all their craft, I was please to see this one was called “Virginia Plain” Y you may ask. “Virginia Plain” is a favorite song of mine recorded by Brian Ferry (Click on the name if you’re under 30)
The flight was undersubscribed; as we were flying poor class (Economy) I expected it to be full. The complete opposite, my little swamp duck and I shared a cabin with six other people. (I heard the flight before us was jammed packed)
I had organized champagne and truffles (With a card) to celebrate our forthcoming 29th anniversary and the ducks (XX) birthday. They arrived in style.. I was so happy as I’d ordered it weeks ago, I was overcome with emotion (Ok tippsy) I ordered another bottle… I went to pay for it and was told “With compliments of Virgin Atlantic”. How cool is that?
As Virgin virgins (Sounds good) I feel our service has been second to none.. The cabin crew has been fantastic. Real people people.
The flight dinner was great (Spinach pasta) and it’s not often I’d say that. What a great advancement it has been from the delay.
Paper work time. Those of you who have been to the USA before know there’s paper work to do before entering the great country. The green form OMB 1651-0113 (Department Of Homeland Security) the usual, name, address, passport number, where you staying etc etc… I started to fill our forms in and came to question C (Do any of the following apply to you, answer yes or no (You get the picture)…. The C question is always the worst, no mater what the forms are. Quote: “Have you ever been or are you involved in espionage or sabotage, or in terrorist activities, or genocide, or between 1933 and 1945 were involved, in any way, in percussion associated with Nazi Germany or it’s allies?”
Let me think? Ummmm…………………..NO, but in all honesty, who the friar tuck is going to answer YES to that question?


Waferino said...

I have the jealousy of your free know I can't hear that word without going to the offsales to buy something fizzy.

wee dolly bird said...

:+O there's a staircase in your plane?? Wow!!...

Waferino said...

I've just noticed the staircase!!! Well done wee dolly bird- you have the eagle eye!! :)