Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Late Grumpyhead

Today started off with my swim, I then went for breakfast with loads of time in hand. I started talking and before I realised it, I was ten minutes late for work. (I SO HATE BEING LATE) Bad start to any day. Late (There's that word again) afternoon had a team meeting. As it was my last day at work before my holidays my boss and the great team I work in, wished me Bon Voyage for Friday (What a team, they keep me sane)
Tonight, the first stop was my weekly weigh in... I know I've reached target and I'll get shouted at if I lose anymore, well, I've put on weight the last two weeks, and as I'm off to Florida on Friday, I thought last week I'd try and give myself a few extra lbs to play with by losing some more. I did that little bit extra training (Swimming, walking) and I'd four and a half pound off this week. I am really please, but I know there are other people with different views on the subject.... 105 lbs off.... (I wonder will I get my 15th half stone award?... now theres a question!)
After class my LSD and I went out with our phoneless Daughter (She had her mobile nicked today) and Son in law to Darcy's .... for a pre holiday meal, and what a fantastic meal it was.

Back home to do a little more holiday sorting...... I suppose today was really spot on and I wasn't too Grumpy (Well, compared to most days)

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