Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ship, Sun And A Storm

The old body clock is still out of tune. I never went to bed last night until after 10 pm (3 am uk time) I awoke this morning at around 3am (8 am uk time) I was able to fall back to sleep for another couple of hours. Out of bed, packed and off to Port Canaveral to join the Mariner Of The Seas….
Security, check in etc was stress free and I loved it.
Once onboard it was feeding time, and I mean feeding time…. Seen better manners at the zoo. You would have thought some of the people hadn’t been fed in yonks… Take as much as you want (BUT EAT IT)… Hate to see food going to waste… (Believe me, a lot of food used to go to my waist)
News filtered through that the space shuttle wouldn’t land at KSC because of the bad weather!. What bad weather I thought…. Then it came, a storm from hell. Heavy wind and rain was the order of the hour. A close by Disney ship left its birth because of the storm and a gangway fell into the sea. (Lucky boarding had finished, but who tied the rope?)
The Mariner left a few minutes late (Caribbean here we come)
The ship is so big I doubt if I’ll see it all in a week. Signed up for scuba diving (Another first) Right I’m off for a few drinks, the party starts NOW.

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wee dolly bird said...

I sooo wanna stand out in that!!!x:+}