Thursday, 6 November 2008

Who's A Naughty Boy Then

Crossed the line last night at my Slimming World Class. As I said in a last weeks post "Opps, How Did that Happen (29/10/2008)" I had gone over my allowance of weight loss as a target member. (Weight loss target reached, I go for free) This week I dropped another lb, making my weight loss:

7 Stone 4 and a half lb

It earned me an ear bashing from my Slimming World Consultant Sharon (A wonderful person)
I can explain.... After last weeks upset I decided to go off the motorway (Express weight loss route) to the more scenic route (Being that little bit bad) I was out for a meal, a bottle of wine on Thursday night, a few drinks on Friday night and a great cheese board, a wonderful meal plus wine and cheese on the Saturday night (I even had chocolate) finished off with a fantastic Sunday chicken dinner. I was daft and felt guilty (I should know better) I thought to myself that I should up my daily fitness routine. Mon, Tues and Wednesday I hit the gym twice a day,(Even had a walk up the Cave Hill) and that's why I had the result of more off last night..... Lesson learnt ... (Sorry Sharon)


wee dolly bird said...

You are crazy!! Stop drinking wine man dear!!!

Chris said...

You should get back on the coldflow....maybe a few pork rolls from the Continental Market might help ! Only 1 day to go !