Friday, 28 November 2008

USA Here I Come

Started on the journey in a taxi at 5am. The George Best city airport was almost deserted when we arrived. Checked in with no problems and headed through security. I had cameras, chargers, this laptop and I sailed through. My other half though had a different story, they went through every single thing in her carry on luggage…. (The mystery of a woman’s bag)
We went to the gate to board and I have to say it was freezing… Got a text message from Virgin Atlantic to tell us the good news that our flight to Orlando is delayed for three hours (Just what I did not want to hear) They were de-icing the plane as we climbed the steps to the Flybe flight to London Gatwick. It was colder inside the plane as it was on the tarmac.
Great flight of about hour. Sitting in Gatwick now people watching and looking for blogging subjects…lol. Loads to choose from.....


Ruth said...

shame about the delay, wouldn't be a holiday if there wasn't a flight delay these days!

Only 2 weeks till my american adventure! NEW YORK NEW YORK!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and will give you a bell before christmas, love to Carol

William & Karen