Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bad Day For A Curry

My LSD took me out today to look at laptops as she knew I was looking for a small one to take with me when I'm on the move. I saw a couple when I was in Scotland, but I prefer to buy at home (Fool, that I am) so if there is any problems the product is easily returned.
First stop Curry's at Newtownabbey. Spotted the one I fancied (Been looking online) but couldn't get the built in web cam working... (I wanted to see the quality)
I asked one of Curry's finest to show me how to switch the web cam on, he couldn't.... He went and asked another of the IT elite and came back with the excuse ... "It has to be online before it works"... I pointed out that he may be wrong (ONLY MAY) and I think they should each fine out about a product before trying to sell it... "You've just lost the sale, I'm off to PC World" and left him standing with a bewildered look on his bake.
I went home to check it out again online. There's always tomorrow.. (I hope)

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