Sunday, 3 August 2008

Ewe Ate All The Pies

Read this story about a 22 stone sheep. Wonder would it like to go to Slimming World. It likes to watch TV. I was thinking pehaps it's top 5 programmes are...

1. Dr Ewe
2. Sheependers
3. Not the 9 O'Clock Ewes
4. Ewe do you think you are
5. Ewe are what you eat

Yes, I know that's Baa d


weedollybird said...

LMAO!! The innocent are easily amused!!->aka me!!<-

grumpyhead said...

I knew ewe you would laugh

wee dolly bird said...

Lol Ewe know me so well n we havn't even met yet!! x;+}...