Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Nice Day at Last

Have to say, after all the rain we've been having lately, I thought our chance of a nice day had gone for this year. But today was very pleasant and the evening turned out to be quite warm. I wonder is nice weather on the way.... Lets hope so.
Weigh in tomorrow night. I recon I may have some weight on as I started back to the gym training, running, using weights, press ups, rowing machine, cross trainer and all the usual stuff, all to try and tone up a little. They say muscle weighs more than fat?, so I'll not be too disappointed if the scales are not in my favour.... Oh yes, and I enjoyed myself over a few nights last week with excellent food (Including, a gorgeous cheese cake my LSD made) and lots of fine wine My mates had come over from Horton Kirby.... "Wheres that ?" I hear you ask....


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