Sunday, 10 August 2008

South Ossetia Crisis

Georgia says its forces have withdrawn from South Ossetia. An government spokesman is reported to have said it was not a military defeat but a necessary step to protect civilians from a "humanitarian catastrophe". (A bit late for that mate, I think sadly that's already happened)
I was reading a comparison of the Georgian forces to the Russian forces.
Total personnel: 26,900
Main battle tanks (T-72): 82
Armoured personnel carriers: 139
Combat aircraft (Su-25): Seven
Heavy artillery pieces (including Grad rocket launchers): 95
Total personnel: 641,000
Main battle tanks (various): 6,717
Armoured personnel carriers: 6,388
Combat aircraft (various): 1,206
Heavy artillery pieces (various): 7,550 (Source: Jane's Sentinel Country Risk Assessments)

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