Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I'll Huff And I'll Puff

Since starting into my new get fit routine I've been swimming nearly everyday at a pool near to where I work. I enjoy after the swim to relax in the steam room or sauna and finish off in the jacuzzi. I go into the steam room then these so called super fit participants from the gym come in and they huff and puff as if they are 90+ and smoking 40 a day, and it takes them ages closing the door behind them. You can guarantee that one will say "Phew, it's warm in here" (Of course it is you muscle bound bone head, it's a STEAM ROOM) I often bite my tongue as pain and I don't mix. (If you know what I mean) The other day I went to the jacuzzi and there were two guys already in it, they were sitting talking (Nothing wrong with that you may say) without the jacuzzi running? ... I being me, just got in and switched it back on. As the bubbles started to erupt like a volcano they got up, got out and when they were about to go I just could not help myself so I said... "Sorry guys, if I'd known you only wanted a bath together I would not have switched it on"
It was at this point I thought oops, big mouth... Luckily they just gave me a dirty look and not a smack in the gub.... I live to slabber another day...

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wee dolly bird said...

Who sits in a jacuzzi not switched on like? Its the whole point of them-to soothe sore and tired muscles through "bubble therapy"!! ..love the bubbles,so relaxing..ahh!!x:+}