Monday, 11 August 2008

Photo Shoot

Had to go to the City Hall today as a local newspaper is running a story this week about OUR (My little swamp duck and I) weight loss. We had our photos taken wearing a sample of our old clothes. My LSD had a jacket on which would have gone around her a couple of times and I put a pair of trousers on which I can only describe as clowns trousers. (All that was missing was the big shoes)
We had just finished the photo shoot when this lady approach us. She introduced herself and said she was from Canada. (I thought she was coming to tell us to get the hell of the grass) she then asked one of the snappers if he would take a photo with her camera of Queen Victoria's statue and herself as her daughter's name is Victoria. I had to laugh... There was this professional snapper with this huge camera around his neck and she started to instruct him in the use of her camera, it was so funny to watch...

PS: Ref Royal Snail...... Got my two parcels today over 72hrs later

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weedolly bird said...

Hey Mr.Grumpy!! I love tourists,they make me laugh,i'm also hoping we arn't that silly when we visit their countries!! Never!! As if like!!lol
Be glad you actually got your packages,some of them get "lost" for years!!x:+}