Saturday, 9 August 2008

Royal Snail (Part 2)

Had my swim and a clam down steam room so time to tackle Tomb Street once again... I took the advice I was given and phoned first. How strange permanently engaged, quicker to call on the way past. Got parked and in I went. Different guy this time, off he went with the two cards, and back he came with the two cards. "Not here, you've to wait 24 hours before calling and really you should have rang first"... "OK" I said "2 points, 1st I did try and phone and it was permanently engaged"... "We're very busy and he's (Whoever that was) always on the phone" was the reply. "Ok" I said my 2nd point it's now 25hrs so that blows that point out of the water"

"It takes longer than that" he said. That's when I realised no point continuing the quest for my parcels, just go home... but not before getting out my final line. "So what you are trying to say is, whats written on the card is a load of dung"?.... No reply....

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