Thursday, 14 August 2008

A Raise In Fares

The bus fares are to change from next Monday as a result of the rise in the price of fuel. Ok, we thought it would. I seem to be using public transport a lot more than I used to. For a good while I have been getting on buses that drivers have been a lot more user friendly. Polite and pleasant.
This morning was an exception... I caught an early bus to head into town, I was off work today but wanted to go to the gym. Not even a grunt from the driver as I boarded the bus and away the bus went, before all who who had just boarded were able to sit down. I noticed as the bus was approaching a stop a postman running (He must have had first class mail) for the bus, he must have been less than 20 yards from the stop and no way would the driver NOT have seen him but he just drove on. I thought to myself what would have been the problem pulling up to the stop and wait a few seconds for the guy?. On we went and in my opinion was faster that the speed limit allowed for the area. The same driver did the same thing at another stop further down the road and the second guy was closer to a stop than the first. What a public servant the driver was.

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