Friday, 8 August 2008

More New Clothes

Went into town after work last night as I wanted to get a new shirt. I ended up with a new jacket, two pairs of trousers and two pairs of jeans, but no shirt.
On the good side of things I've dropped another trouser size. That makes eight in all.... yeee haaa.
On the bad side we went to Morrisons for a wine, then to the Apartment and had a few cocktails, a lovely dinner with wine, a taxi home (No wine), finishing off with a cheese board and some more wine.... Let's see what damage has been done next Wednesday night at weigh in.
I have scheduled this post for tomorrow morning as I shall be away swimming and steam rooming (For damage limitation) by the time it gets published.
I've a feeling I'll have a sore head into the bargain...
Today is 08/08/08

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