Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's Gone

Passing the grounds of Belfast City Hall I could see the clearing up operation was in full swing after the Christmas continental market . That's it over for another year. Time seems to be flying in, it's hard to believe the market had been there for over a month. Today is Christmas eve eve and it only seems like yesterday that the market opened.
Tonight there was no fat fighters class as such, but we did have the option to go and get weighed. Sharon had supplied some seasonal treats for anyone who wished to partake, there was bucksfizz, smoked salmon canopies, crisps and of course diet coke (Guess what I had) Weighed in with yet another one pound on... Need another one and a half pound ON to get back to my target.... (Never thought I'd ever have to say something like that) I recon I'll need to lose after Christmas... lol (If all goes according to plan)

7 Stone 3 and a half pound OFF

(Well done to my LSD for having two pound OFF this week)

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