Thursday, 11 December 2008

Near Death Experience

It's not often we can say we have had a near death experience. Shopping was the order of the day (Holiday presents) One last thing could not be found but with the aid of my GPS the store I needed was 12 mile away.
Today was a very wet day and in my experience if it's wet after a long period of dry weather the roads will be greasy. I thought, if an accident is going to happen today's the day. Drive carefully!
We were on our way towards the Florida Turnpike, when this car slid across our path from an adjoining slip road, I jammed on the anchor's and our car started to lose grip. Foot off the brake and foot to the board on the gas. I just made it through the gap but ended up on the central reservation. Quite shaken but unhurt. (I've no idea how I missed hitting the car) If I'd hit the car someone was going to die. It really was a bad way to end a holiday.
(I need to send the other driver a laundry bill)

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wee dolly bird said...

OMW!!!!!!!! Me is v v v glad you&LSD are ok!!xx:+}