Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Up to catch the Caribbean sun rise and what a site it was to behold. With Labadee in site I got the snorkeling gear ready and waited for the first tender to take us from the ship to the island. We got our beach lounger set under a palm tree then off into the water for a while. The day was hot, so under the palm for some shade. Had to get back onboard for my LSD had booked a spa treatment while I tried a tank dive with scuba equipment. It was fantastic...
Tonight we went to one of the specialty restaurant onboard. After our diner we ventured to the theatre to catch one of the shows then we went to what was becoming our favorite bar on the Royal Promenard. It was 70’s night and the music was great with the promenard filled with everyone dancing, I just enjoyed the people watching (And the cocktail drinking). Looking forward to our next stop tomorrow, Jamacia. "Yeah Mon"

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