Thursday, 4 December 2008

George Town

Up at 7am to watch the sun rise, and to get ready for my first ever scuba dive. Collected my dive gear from the ships dive shop and boarded the first tender to take me ashore to George Town, Grand Cayman. Transport took my fellow divers and I to a dive school. With our BCD’s inflated (Dive talk) I entered the water, swam out what seemed a long way then the dive instructor gave us the signal to go down. What an experience, equalizing every few feet on the decent. (More dive talk) My first ever sight of fish swimming in and out of the coral. I was kneeling on the sea floor at 40ft (I know that doesn’t seem deep, but believe me when I say it was deep enough for me)
We got back to the ship early where I had made arrangements to meet my LSD (Or so I thought) I waited in our cabin while she waited on the dock at George Town. It was my fault of course…. Lol.

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Waferino said...

Uh oh - was LSD raging??? I hope ye weren't waiting too long and wastin valuable cocktail time..