Friday, 12 December 2008

Ruby Tuesday

After yesterday, all's I wanted to do was get home. We called into Downtown Disney where Virgin Atlantic have an early checkin. $10 a person, well worth it. Checked the cases in (Won't see them until Belfast) then off for breakfast... To be honest we had planned to have the rest of the day at Universial, but after yesterdays incident all's I wanted to do was get to the airport and get rid of the car. Got to the airport about 11.30am flight not until 18.05. My LSD understood (She knows me so well)
After getting rid of the car we looked around the airport shops. Time for a few beer I thought, so I went for a few.
Our Virgin Atlantic 747 is called "Ruby Tuesday"

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wee dolly birdy said...

Hey!!That's the plane in a scene near start of Casino Royale(007)!!COOOOL!!:+}