Sunday, 7 December 2008

Back To Land

The ship docked around 6.30 am Florida time. Our time to get off was after 9.30. It all went so painless. We picked up our car where we had left it a week ago and headed for Orlando. I decided to drive the scenic route down past Cocoa Beach. When I got a good distance down the road I pulled over and switch on my GPS and selected our hotel as our destination. After it had calculated the route it told me to rejoin the road and turn left. I checked both ways and no traffic. I pulled out onto the road and started my journey. A 4X4 approaching from the opposite direction was flashing his lights continuously, I said to my co-pilot “Speed trap ahead”. WRONG…. I was driving the wrong way…. Opp’s
No harm done…. Spun around and headed south…. GPS still telling me I was going the wrong way.
Arrived safe and sound at our Orlando Hotel (After some shopping stops) … Phew….

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