Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Twinned With Manchester

Had to go to Manchester today. Went for lunch in the city centre and thought I was at home. I didn't know Manchester had a big wheel, not only that, but a few yards away from the wheel there were a load of stalls just like our contential market. (Ours is better though)

In the departure lounge at Manchester airport I spotted Baileys on offer £15 for two x litre bottles (Great value, they were two for £20 in Gatwick last Saturday) anyway, I went up to pay for them and the girl asked me for my boarding card (Not a problem) I showed her it and asked her "Can anyone get into this area without a boarding card?"......... "Oh no" was the replay. So I asked her "Will, why do you have to see it" Her eyes rolling said it all.
The flight was a bit bumpy most of the way back. I was sitting in the last row and I can only decribe it like being a flea on a happy dog's tail.... (Wasn't sure if it was a touchdown or a crash landing we did at the GBCA)

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