Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jamaica (Yeah-Mon)

The sun never let us down again today. What a lovely day yet again (That’s what I paid for) Ocho Rios Jamaica was our port for today. Off the Mariner to join a tour of shopping and sightseeing. Dunn River Falls was our main stop where I had intended to climb the falls but getting absolutely soaking was the order of the day so I declined. I was going shopping and maybe a few cocktails before rejoining the ship and I didn’t want to have yee old wet pants.
My wonderful LSD bought me a watch I had spotted so I took her to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville… we had a fantastic time and there was a competition were they wanted 6 guys. They (WE) had a tennis ball on a string tied around our waist and we had to swing it between our legs and knock a small cardboard box (With the tennis ball) to the far end of the bar and knock it through a girls legs to win. “Yeah, I won” …. lol
The large margarita I received (and drank) somewhat put me to sleep early…. (Ah well, it was fun at the time)

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Waferino said...

LOL!!!! I'm getting you a tennis ball for Christmas :)))))