Sunday, 9 December 2007

Back On Land

Off the ship without any hassle, got the rental (Hired car) and headed north. Broke the journey with a couple of stops. One stop was at the old town of Kissimmee. The place is all done up for Christmas. As well as artificial snow they had Christmas singers. Got me into the Christmas mood and it even made me smile.
Checked into the hotel and was waiting on the elevator (Lift) while waiting, a few other people arrived to wait on the lift. The minute the lift doors open the others run in as if there were something free in it, so I lifted my cases and just about got into the small space. I was going to the 14th floor so the ones going to the lower floors had to clamber over my cases, and I didn't bother to move them. Nobody said a dickybird .. think they got the message.

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