Monday, 10 December 2007

They Know How To Do It

You have got to admire the Americans, no mater what they do, they do it in style. Whether it's invading other country's, destroying evidence tapes, or just pimping their vehicles for Christmas, they go the full nine yards. While out holiday shopping (If there is such a thing) you know what I mean, the day thats set aside for present shopping. (As well as all the flea markets, I spent over 3 hours in the Florida Mall today, please help)
At a car park in Kissimmee, the pickup truck that was parked beside me was decorated for Christmas (Happy holidays, as they say here) The front plate had "Ho Ho Ho" on it and the rear had "1 Santa". I thought it was so cool, (See, I've picked up some local lingo) I'd love to see something like this in Belfast city centre.
What do you recon?

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Anonymous said...

I decided today I wanted to check out your blogg before I knew about it...think about will make sense!!(OK,before our mutual knowledge bro told me to check it out,'cause it will make me laugh..he knew i'd get your humour..thanks dude) I've laughed out loud loads already!! It struck me though the bumper sticker on the back of this yoke/truck- "happy birthday Jesus" amen!!x:+}