Saturday, 8 December 2007

Internet Cafe Nassau Bahamas 4

Friday 7th December

Day at sea. Now heading for the Bahama’s. Looking like a lobster this morning (Thank god for aftersun) Bit cooler today only 27° (I could live with that) Onboard there are many nationalities, a lot of Europeans. I read on cruising review website that you have to expect Europeans to just step in front of you, even though you may have stood in line for ages. (Apparently that’s what they do) Hey I met Mrs European this morning while I stood in the queue for customer services. I had been waiting from about 6th in line and just as it was going to be my turn to approach the desk, she thought (Even without a glance) that she was just going to go in front of me. (She was wrong) I had my little Rottweiler with me (Who I have to say is the world’s greatest ambassador, at sorting out delicate situations) I wish I could stay that calm …. Mrs E got the message and away she went straight to the back of the queue, to the delight of the other passengers standing in line. (That’s ma girl).

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