Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Internet Cafe, San Juan (1)

Have had to find an Internet cafe as the Internet on the ship is slow and works out $30 an hour. Will try and up date when i can.

Sunday 2nd Dec

Thought I was up early yesterday but this morning took the holiday record. Woke at 4.30am and I was on the road for Fort Lauderdale by 5.30am. .More or less a straight run of 209 miles. Honest, roughly 3 mile to the Florida turnpike from my hotel then a 180 mile drive before having to make a turn. Stopped at a service area after about 100 mile for coffee, then again just before Fort Lauderdale to fuel up before leaving the rental car back to Dollar at the airport. Very painless so far, then I realised after a few minutes after leaving the car off that I’d left my mobile in the car, so went back no more than 5 minutes later to discover they had moved the car and hey, no sign of my phone. (Phoned and cancelled straight away). Why didn’t that surprise me? But hey, it was only a phone, and with any luck the battery will explode in the pocket of the thieving bar steward that nicked it.
Bus from the airport to Port Everglades. There I would be joining a cruise ship which would be my home for the next week. The Costa Fortuna, total WOW factor I have to say. My first time with Costa and as I sit here in Cabin 8430 (With a balcony, I may add) sipping my pre-ordered champagne my first impressions are good. The speed they got people boarded for one thing was great and food and drink was at the ready. Got to go for lifeboat drill at 4 pm then I think it’s me time after that.
Can’t wait till we leave port, I’ll be singing “Sailing” (In a Scottish accent) let’s hope its not “Row Row Row the boat” if you know what I’m sayin…………

Just back from the safety drill, life jackets had to be worn. I don’t think I got through to the crew when I asked why in this day and age do they send the men to the back I don’t have a problem getting up to give a lady my seat, holding a door open to let a lady in or out but in this age of equality when the dung hits the fan, in my opinion it’s everyone for themselves.

The ship has now sailed and we are heading for San Juan. Leaving Fort Lauderdale was breath taking. So looking forward to what’s ahead ……..

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