Thursday, 13 December 2007

Checked In

Well, that's the holiday over and what a belter it was. Up at 8 o'clock this morning left the Doubletree Hotel and headed east to Lake Buena Vista to the Travel City Direct early check in. What a fantastic service, got rid of the cases and checked in for our flight by 9.15am. Leaves the rest of the day free to do whatever. I said to my swamp duck is there anything you'd like to do. Why oh why did I ask, so off to the Festival Bay Mall we went. Good thing we had already checked the cases in as it was all window shopping. Denny's on International Drive for a late breakfast then a nice steady drive up the Interstate 4 East to exit 90. Onto Lake Mary Blvd and forward to Sanford International Airport to leave the rental back, all very painless.

Layed back would not be in it. We were queuing at an end that said queue here, this lady told us to queue at the other end. When security opened, the same lady then opened the barrier and told us to walk through all the rows (Where she had moved us from in the first place, and we were the only two going through) to end up back where she was standing to check our boarding cards before letting us proceed to security. No problems with security, think as we were the first ones through they let us test all the security measures (Bar the rubber glove, thank goodness) Off with the belt, shoes, watches, lose objects etc and bags through the x-ray machine. 100% for them. I have no problems with that it's for our safety.
Paid 11 GB pounds extra for the Royal Palm Lounge at Sanford. Fantastic, free Internet access, large soft seating area (Yes big chairs) 2 free alcoholic drinks and unlimited free soft drinks, tea & coffee.
Just waiting on our flight now (Which is delayed 90 minutes) but dung happens.

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