Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas Shopping

I went walking into town yesterday at lunchtime to get a quick Christmas gift for someone. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Women (Who, can be aggressive shoppers at the best of time) seem to transform into zombies this time of year and will walk over anyone who is unfortunate enough to get in between them and the item they want. I was pushed and shoved by these undead and not an excuse me or sorry came out of there mouths. Groups of them gathered outside shops to check their receipts causing even more obstructions on the footpath. Waited on the bus home after work only to be met by the Grinch driving it. (Surely by the laws of averages I'll meet a pleasant bus driver soon) Loads of the undead were waiting at the bus stop with their many shopping bags. Have you ever tried to sit beside someone on the bus who is holding around six shopping bags ...... crazy .... and they won't move and give you a look that would sour milk.... AGHHHH
I was so glad to get home after such an experience.

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