Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Spirit of Christmas

I've heard a couple of stories over Christmas that made me smile. I'm sure there are loads of stories of the spirit of Christmas and how people did something for someone else. (Without reward) The first story is closer to home.
A lady went to Forestside to do her Christmas food shopping and became sick. A other lady stepped forward and asked if she had a shopping list (Which she did) and the lady then went and got the shopping for her. Many of us would have went to the sick Lady's aid, but how many of us would have went that extra bit? (Well done missus)
The second story I read about online. It's tell the story of a Leeds business man who bought a load of snow off Ebay. He got them to deliver the snow to a local childrens hospice. (Well Done Sir)

I just love Christmas.

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