Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas Parade

Had to get some eats in, so off to the new (Refurbished) Tescos at Ballygo. What a surprise when I got out of the car I could here bands playing from somewhere near. I thought, 15th December and a band parade? then I remembered a band parade is not only for July. (As a pet is not only for Christmas) and I never heard a single Christmas tune being played.
Then some of the band members descended into Tescos (Their millies following close behind) for their Saturday night specials. Me I continued following the master shopper. I thought, shopping is like snakes and ladders, you start off, go up all the isles and at some point you have to retrace your steps to pick up something that was passed over in the first place then back on the ladder again until the next time. I HATE SHOPPING

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