Saturday, 8 December 2007

Internet Cafe Nassau Bahamas 3

Thursday 6th December

Woke up this morning to a view of Catalina Island, which is just off the Dominican Republic. Went ashore. The calypso music could be heard as the tender approached the island. I was going to do a bit of sunbathing and swimming.
(30°, warmest day yet) Found a lounger just by the water, fantastic spot. Went swimming for a while (I think some people thought they were at SeaWorld when they saw me hit the water, and it was no fun getting pulled into the water every 10 minutes by Greenpeace. I heard one voice shout “Keep him damp til the vet arrives)
Talking about voices, There were a family close by (12 I counted) deliverance material, no kidding, I don’t think one of them knew how to speak quietly.
After all, we were on a Caribbean Island with not to much noise about
Back on the Costa Fortuna now awaiting our evening trip to La Romana in the Dominican Republic, I’m hoping to get this onto the site tonight.
Needless to say I never got the blog updated. Went ashore to catch a shuttle bus which runs every 30 minutes. $7 PP return. Headed off into the dark with the city lights of La Romana heading in the opposite direction. The buses took the cruise passengers to this holiday village about 12 minutes away from the ship. We went through at least 3 secure areas getting to the village What a load of rubbish it was. 10 minutes covered the whole village and if you purchased anything and paid in US dollars they gave changed in peso’s (Yeah right I thought) Ordered drinks and asked “If I pay in dollars can I have my change in dollars” No was the answer, Yes I cancelled the round …. Sweet. Headed back to the ship and met everyone waiting for the shuttle bus all with the same reviews about the place. The thing is, they give you a city map as you pay your fair, but they don’t go anywhere in the city. Ah well, dung happens. (When you’re a tourist)

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