Sunday, 16 December 2007

Ikea Comes To Town

Agreed to go and see the new Ikea today. I think everyone else in the city had the same idea. Before we had parked the car I was regretting it. Noticed a police car, police van, and 2 police motorcycles sitting outside the main door, I thought maybe they were refurbishing some station, the car had the guy's who were picking the stuff, the van was to deliver it and the bike's would escort the van. I was wrong, apparently they were there for crowd control. I never seen a single peeler inside. On holiday in Florida when I went to pick up the rental car only the driver was allowed into area for getting the car. That idea should be put into practice in other area's of shopping. I recon family's just came out (Dad, Mum six kids) to hamper people who really wanted to buy goods (Yes I bought shelving) some kids were running mad setting off door alarms while their parents just stood there and smiled. Come on guy's control your little monsters. By the way, I never did find out the real reason for so many police vehicles at Ikea?


Anonymous said...

Bluewater, Lakeside, Ikea, M25 and to top that CHRISTMAS. All 3 are about 20 mins drive from us, no more. With christmas shoppers and police setting up speed traps it can take you 3 hours to get there, 3 hours to find a parking space 30 seconds to choke to muppet whos idea it was to go in the first place lol

waferino said...

I visted IKEA 2 nights ago in Belfast. It is badly laid out and the staff hadn't a notion what was going on. They were more confused than we were. We spoke to 2 supervisors to ask for help in the self service area. The first said he couldn't help and the second just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. The bookcase we were buying was priced at £198 in the showroom but when we finally found all the bits in the warehouse downstairs(without any help from staff) and got to the top of the cash point, the cashier charged us £225. A complete waste of time and an absolute nightmare. I'll not be back!!!