Sunday, 30 December 2007

More Car Parks

Foolishly agreed to go shopping. It's madness in every car park but I found the one from hell today. Marks & Sparks at the AbbeyCentre.....
The car Park was full and it was lashing down, at one stage it looked like a Scalextric track. the same cars going around and around with no where to park. This blonde (Honest) driving a big merc van abandoned it in a part of the car park which then glogged up. I noticed a lady trying to get out of a space but was hampered with the merc van. I saw this as an opportunity sent from above. So I went to her rescue (I could have her space) I stopped my car which stopped every other on behind me, and I got out in the pouring rain and directed the lady out (40 cuts later) she stopped to thank me and while she was telling me how wonderful I was this clampet came from the other direction straight into the empty space.... I was gutted (And soaked) I just decided to join the race again ..... found a space after about 20 minutes ..... crazy, never again

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