Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Internet Cafe, San Juan (2)

Monday 3rd Dec

Long sleep in this morning, ship on the choppy side. Looked beautiful outside, so I went for a stroll around the top deck, soaking up the sunshine and letting the strong wind blow away the cobwebs. Went for breakfast, and while I was standing in the breakfast line I noticed the pancake eaters, they just piled the pancakes, bacon, hash browns etc onto their plates, but when it came to adding the syrup, they turn into Picasso, and pour the syrup into some sort of a design, me, my design was just like an oil slick ….. yum yum.

Tuesday to follow, having a fantastic time.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you pa, hope everythings is going great and you two are having fun just want to check greenpeace havent been out have givin them your location and told them to watch out for you all our love r.l.e.a

Grumpy Head said...

Thanks for leaving the comment mate, will phone you when I get back.