Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Aqua Bear

My Daughter and her intended had set their sights on Jamaica for their honeymoon in May. As they planned their fantastic time in the sun, first class the whole way, 5 star hotel, swimming with the dolphins, island tours etc etc, they decided to buy their very own wet suits before they went. My Daughter was at work so M (No not M out of the Bond movies, well Brooke Bond maybe) left his work to go home for lunch. While at home he had a thought "I'll try the wetsuit on and test it in the shower before going back to work". After the test drive, unfortunately he couldn't get the wetsuit off. Being such a conscientious worker he dried himself (well the wet suit) and put his clothes back on over the top, then went back to work. I think his colleagues thought he was having a heart attack as the sweat was running off him. He had to confess before an ambulance was called and get someone to help out of the wetsuit. Apparently his work friends came in a couple of days later wearing swimming masks with snorkels ........
The honeymoon is long over, they are now both back to work and the whole episode about the wetsuit is long forgotten ........ or so he thought..... my daughter bought him his very own custom made Aqua Bear .... Sorry M, the devil made me do it.

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Anonymous said...

You have to give him credit for going back to work - I know I wouldn't have!

A surreal twist to the story is that when he actually got to his first day on the beach (on honeymoon) he went to put it on an the zipper broke!

Oh well, it certainly gave me a laugh!