Thursday, 5 July 2007

Night of The Living Dead

It's hard to believe that our city centre at times can turn from being such a beautiful historical city into something like a scene from a Hammer horror film. It can, and it's all thanks to the Goths. I was driving through the city centre approaching the traffic lights at the bottom of Bedford Street (traffic lights at green of course) when one from a group of so called Goths decided to play goth chicken with me.
He just stepped straight of the kerb directly into the my path. I had to brake of course (a selfish move I have to say) as it would have taken me ages to clean the make up off my car if I'd hit him. (umm, I think it was a him) I did give a toot of the vehicle horn which in turn caused a vast retaliation of verbal abuse from his fellow Addams Family Members, I opened my window which seemed to turn them into the headless chicken mode and the only thing I could think to shout was BOO ..... It really did the trick, but I also think I scared some passers by....

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bubblesqueaker said...

What is it with the City Hall on a Saturday where they all like to congregate with their skateboards and intimidating stances?

I remember back in the day they used to "play" outside the university art building but I guess since the "fascinating three water features" broke they needed a new home.

Besides leave them to it. They are much more polite than the street sellers (we all know who I am referring to) trying to get into your car window. They really have issues!!!!