Sunday, 8 July 2007

Top Gear News

I was looking at the BBC News website and I'd like to tell you about an interesting item I found about the BBC programme Top Gear.
The item states
"The BBC's motoring programme Top Gear has been accused of causing damage to a
pristine wilderness in Botswana."
A pristine wilderness ..... Is that not wasteland, have I got it wrong? .. I checked out what the Oxford dictionary had to say about those words and had the following results:
• adjective 1. in its original condition. 2. clean and fresh as if new.
— ORIGIN Latin pristinus ‘former’.
• noun 1. an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region. 2. a position of disfavour.

There you are "wasteland". That's that misunderstanding sorted.
It's good to know I'm not the only one in this world who moans about nothing.

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