Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

My trilogy box set of Die Hard movies is now out of date with the release of Die Hard 4.0 the latest movie with character Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis, as if you didn't know) saving the USA yet again.
I went to Storm Cinema at the Odyssey Pavilion and of course the VIP screening. (a few £ extra but well worth it, for the coffee, free refills and of course the soft recliners)
The movie is fantastic, with lots of banging (sorry, shooting and explosions) fantastic stunts and special effects, just what you need to break the boredom. Leave your brain at the door though as it's only make believe (or is it)
Once you see the fighter plane sequence you'll understand why wars last so long, the so called marine pilot hits everything with his heat seeking missiles and onboard cannons except what he was aiming for, as they say here:
"He couldn't hit a cow on the arse with a big stick"
Oh yes and he had to eject in the end, and once again John McClane gets out alive.
Do you think we are looking at a Die Hard 5?


ofcourseitsreal said...

Apparently Bruce Willis is all on for doing another Die Hard movie -

Glenn said...

I saw this on Tuesday night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Obviously it’s a little bit far fetched...ok a lot far fetched - but its cinema. I go to the cinema to be entertained. If I wanted a true story, with all that takes place to be factually accurate I'd be at home watching BBC Four.

You really gotta go see this – probably one of the best movies this summer.