Saturday, 21 July 2007

Hair Technicians

Took the lady of the house to the hairdressers this morning, so I thought I need a trim. As the place is unisex I waited in line for the snip (haircut). I have been there been many times before and I'm always asked the same question "What would you like". Now take into mind I've had a number 1 all over for at least the last 10+ years so there is not really much else can be done with it other than (yes you've got it) a number 1. Then comes "Take your glasses off" and into the cutting we go. When it's finished a mirror is picked up and held at the back of my head and I'm asked the question "Hows that look" (I think, you tell me, I've no glasses on)
It's the first time I've been in the hairdressers when it been full of women, it was a real experience I can say. There was one I can only describe as motormouth. Her volume was enough to get the noise abatement people involved. The rest were hanging onto her every word with arms folder and nodding heads. (look like a scene from the two Ronnie's) I had not too long to wait and the cut itself was of minimal time, but before I left the place I'd found out, where she went on her last four holidays, her taste in music, what tablets she's on, her husbands dislikes, her daughters kids and I now feel like one of the family.

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