Friday, 13 July 2007

What Will We Do Today

Friday the 13th strikes fear into the hearts of many, an unlucky day for some, to me it's just another day with a different number. What will we do today I thought, whats on in this wonderful province of ours. The Ballymena Steam Traction Engine Rally at the Ballymena Show Grounds won the day. I've always loved the traction engines ever since I watching Fred Dibnah on television....
The day started with the usual, Ulster rain and it lasted let me think..all day, yep all day. We arrived at the show grounds and found a good car parking space.... On our advancement into the show grounds we were met with the money collectors charging £7 per adult. (£7 that must include a season ticket for Ballymena United I thought) But with the Hugo Duncan Roadshow going out live on Radio Ulster from the Showgrounds it was well worth the money. Lot's of local talent on the show. A great turn out for such a wet day, but with Hugo there I'd expect nothing less.
I was astounded to see so many people had actually brought their dog's to the show. (Free for animals) I saw German Shepard's, Labradors, Spaniels to lovely little Chitzu's (I used to think a Chitzu was a zoo with no animals!) Why do people take their pets to shows, you even see them taking there pooch's to the various markets where people dander round and every now and again you will here the yelp, the result of someone standing on the dog's paw or tale. Leave the pet at home dim wit.

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