Monday, 16 July 2007

Opp's (Big Style)

Last Night, It was only a Wii accident. After watching some Wii accidents on YouTube and thinking "What Plonkers" I myself became a victim of the dreaded flying nun-chuck. (well my 37inc LCD HD Ready TV did) I had been playing with the wife (let me rephrase that) My wife and I had been playing Wii sports (same thing I hear you say) and she whooped me at the bowls. She was so happy she offered to make me a cup of tea which I gracefully accepted. While she was away making the tea I thought I'd get in some practice bowling. It started off well, I was getting really into it, but I got carried away. I decided to blast the last bowl as hard as possible, a big back swing and fast follow through. On the way through I was so close to the sofa my Wii remote collected this non combatant sleeping nun-chuck and propelled it straight at the screen at a speed unseen in my living room before.
The noise of it hitting the screen was frighting, I didn't really want to look but had to, it did in fact damage the screen. A tiny mark, but I see it every time I look at the TV. (who said I'm too old to cry)
This is true, moments earlier I had spoken to the wife about her remote armband. I gave her the lecture (as men do) about it slipping off and hitting the tv. (Someone up there has a funny sence of humour)

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bubblesqueaker said...

This is fabulous!! After getting grief for years about accidentally damaging bits and pieces - the master has finally done it himself. MAGIC!!!

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I think you need one of these!