Monday, 9 July 2007

Lucky Chain Emails

How many times have you opened your email account to emails with headings such as "This Really Works" promising you various types of luck if you send it on to certain amounts of people. I can't believe it still happens, and people believe it.
I received such an email a few moments ago. A total load of rubbish relating to a wish that would bring me luck of different proportions again depending on how many I send it too.

I googled "The truth about chain emails" It found 1,850,000 results (popular or what)
I checked out the first lot of results all with the same views as mine.
1. If you receive an email with a threat of bad luck delete it.
2. If it is a promise of good luck delete it.
3. If it's funny, then pass it on and make someone smile.

Follow those three rules and you'll not go far wrong.

1 comment:

bubblesqueaker said...

Chain Texts are even worse than emails. Send back to your friend or get 10 years bad luck - oh well, bring it on!!!