Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Great Day For A Moan

What a great day it was to get grumpy.
First I want to get my teeth into one of my favorite moans.
Plonkers who don't and won't stop at red traffic lights. You can hear the pitch of their engine change just as the lights turn to red so they can race through and reach the other side of the junction just in time to join the queue and block the road.
I was waiting to cross the junction Ormeau Avenue / Bedford Street when the lights changed and a car just made it (I gave it the benefit of the doubt) but the van as you can see by the photo was well breaking the law. (I had my camera at the ready as it's a great place to catch the light jumpers (Pity the PSNI were not as concerned)

I hate ignorance, there is so much of it about. I could not believe my eyes today (Ok I did believe them as I know the culprit I'm about to give off about)
Our staff canteen (oops restaurant) we have a so called quite area with soft seats and low tables where you will regularly find knowledge brothers having coffee breaks and discussing the finer points of present day technology. Well today was no different, but one of the bro had his feet resting on a table. I tried to point out to him that people actually eat off those tables and they are not for him to put his kebs (feet/shoes) on, kebs that has walked through who knows what on his way to work. I asked him if he did that at home and when he answered yes, well it didn't really surprise me. I think he must have missed the good manners lessons at whatever school/university he went too. I would not even expect this sort of behaviour from a child. I shudder to think what might have happened if he'd been smart enough to become a doctor.

The rain, I'm sure you have seen it. The roads becoming flooded and cars trying to avoid deep puddles so people on the foot path would not get drenched. Then comes the 4X4s, ego extenders, some driven by people who can see no further than their imaginary status. They don't give a thought to pedestrians as long as they can fly through the puddles as if at waterworld. If you get soaked by any vehicle you have a right to report the driver to the police ..... go for it.

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bubblesqueaker said...

I have a solution. why didn't you go over with a cup of coffee (not too hot - don't want to get sued) and put it down on the table. Should it happen to slip and dirty his very clean overalls you can't help it.

Let's see if he puts his feet on the table again!