Thursday, 26 July 2007

Horton Kirby

Yes, I also asked where is Horton Kirby. I thought I'd Google it and see how many results It would find. Was I in for a surprise. It found 908.000 results over 57 pages. What a popular place it seems to be. It is situated in the Garden of England (Kent for those of you who don't know)I have heard it's a favorite haunt of Formula One drivers, It reminds them of the pits.
I really can't comment about the place as I've never been there, but I'm planning a trip to Horton Kirby for September. My bestest buddy moved there a couple of years back. (just an idiot looking for a village to settle in)
Thanks to Google maps I was able to see a layout of the area, Google also found a result for Kent Swingers site map which include a link to the Horton Kirby Swingers. (I wonder is that why he moved there) I have looked and looked at the map but can't see the park anywhere?.


Anonymous said...

3yrs in this village and not one invite to a swingers party. Is it because I'm the only paddy in the village

Grumpy Head said...

Who knows why, have you looked in the mirror recently?

bubblesqueaker said...

Oh well maybe its because they dont let leprechauns in?