Sunday, 1 July 2007

Smoking Ban in England

1 st July 2007 is the start of the smoking ban in public places for England. This ban has been in place in Northern Ireland for the last few months.
I have to say it is great to be able to walk into a bar or restaurant without the stench of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke filling the air. It is also an added bonus to have my clothes smelling ok the next morning instead of the usual smoke smell as if I'd left them in an ashtray overnight. I know the smoke smell is a result from other people's enjoyment (I love a beer now and again, the result of that enjoyment normally ends up in the loo, how would smokers like it if it ended up on their clothes?)
I know people somehow enjoy filling their lungs full of smoke, but I personally can't understand the joy of this.
If smokers want to damage their health that's up to them, why should other people suffer though. I really hate to see pregnant women smoking, the poor child has no say in the mater. These so called mothers should be taken to task and fined, is this not another form of child abuse?????

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