Saturday, 28 July 2007

My Day in Town

Reluctantly I agreed to go into town today. It wasn't long before I realised why I hate the place on a Saturday. The town was packed with people, tourists (which is great to see) and shoppers who just literally want to walk over you. The ignorance of people is unbelievable at times. I hate it when you hold the door open for somebody and they can't bring themselves to say thank you. Nine times out of ten you just know they are not going to acknowledge the fact you held a door open for them. I have found a very satisfying way around this. I always say "Don't mention it" which always receives the reply "Whaaaa" then comes my reply with such a sincere look on my face "Oh sorry, I thought I heard you say thank you" (as long as they are not six foot six and built like a brick out house that is) Know what I mean like?

1 comment:

bubblesqueaker said...

I took love to use your "No Problem" tactic when out shopping.

I do feel sorry for people with prams until im in town 15mins then all understanding goes out the window when I have dent marks in my legs!

Boo hoo!!