Monday, 23 July 2007

The Open

The 2007 British Open had one of the most exciting finishes I've seen in recent years. I'm sure even the non-golfers who watched it will say the same. 60 years since an Irish man won an open, congratulations to Padraig Harrington and thanks for the great golf. The Irish were also involved elsewhere around the course. A lady spectator from County Armagh was hit on the head by a Tiger Woods ball, stitches for her but lucky for him as it bounced back onto the fairway.
I remember playing golf with a lady member at a club once, (which will remain nameless) we had not been playing very well and both our drives off a par 4 tee box went right and ended up in a field that had a dead cow in it. We climbed over a small fence into the field where I found my ball sitting up nicely a few feet from the fence, an easy 6 iron onto the green I thought. As she was still looking for the ball I joined the search. The only place she didn't look was over by the dead cow, I volunteered and went to look. I spotted a golf ball which was lying by the cows rear end. All's I done was get my club lift the cows tail and shout over "This looks like yours" and she stormed off back to the club house..... Women

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