Saturday, 14 July 2007

Why I Hate Shopping

The women of the family love shopping (As do most women) but after a day out yesterday they said lets go shopping tomorrow to Dundrum. I said there are not many shops in Dundrum would it not be better to go onto Newcastle? They both laughed and said in unison "Dundrum Shopping Centre Dublin"
It's roughly 236 mile round trip, (M50 Exit 13) yeah great Idea. We set off shortly after 8am and the drive down was done by my my son in law, so I was able to relax for a change and admire the scenery. The weather was great and after a couple of hours we arrived ready to shop. Michel and I checked out the Virgin Megastore and Game (That was our shopping done, with no buys) I think the women went into and looked at every shop in the centre. Nothing purchased by lunch so we all headed to Eddie Rockets, great place for lunch. After the food had settled I dared to asked "What next" I suggested heading into the city centre, after a few seconds deliberation the women suggested lets go to Bridgewater Park. I looked at Michel, he looked at me and we both said "BANBRIDGE". So off we set (Daughter driving) to travel 94 miles north. (At least it was on our way home) When we got to Bridgewater Park, money got spent .... And women wonder why guys hate shopping?, we just do, get over it, and expeditions like today do not further your cause dears....

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bubblesqueaker said...

If shopping is so bad why on earth did you get into the car to go to DUBLIN!!! Did you not have enough time to think about it - maybe the hamsters tired again?!

Besides I'm sure the Eddie Rocket's milkshake was worth the journey!