Thursday, 12 July 2007

Forever Young

The last games consul I owned was many many years ago, perhaps even you may remember the old Atari ... (Space invaders, Centipede etc) When I progressed to the personal computer I put the game playing behind me and started into the more serious stuff of the flight simulators, flying 747s, various Airbus types and FA18s (mind you I crashed every time). I have had no inclination into getting a game consul, that was until last Sunday. (I've seen the PSs, 360s and game cubes, not for me I'm afraid) Last Sunday I was blown away (Not literally of course, I'm sure there are those out there that say "That's a pity") anyway back to Sunday. I had gone over to my daughters for dinner. My son in law and her introduced me to their new Nintendo Wii .... WOW ... I was so impressed. (I'd heard others rave about them) We played Wii Sports which was great fun and I felt I had been playing real Tennis and Golf the following morning. (I was aching) There is so much this machine can do (Did I mention it's has wi-fi) It was the first time in years and years that I thought I must have one. So my fantastic wife bought me one. (Ok, give me her permission to buy one) I had to think for awhile, what age am I? Age doesn't come into it my friends. (oops, sounded like Big Ian there) I'm getting near the centre of 50. Some guys buy fast cars or motorbikes to cope with their mid life crises, (perhaps I'm too old now for that one) me I buy a Nintendo Wii, and I'm having a Ball .. (Tennis, Golf, Bowling and Baseball). Oh yes in case you are interested the dinner was lovely.

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